Why don’t Grammar supporters want to talk about Secondary Moderns?

Don't mention Secondary Moderns

Watching the recent flurry of TV debates on the question of whether to bring back grammar schools, you could be forgiven for thinking that the secondary modern school had no place in the debate. In every TV piece that I have seen the grammar proponents talk about Grammar schools educating the “most able” whilst the Comprehensive schools would be dedicated to the remaining pupils. Either they don’t understand what a Comprehensive school is or they are frightened to use the term Secondary Modern.

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BBC Radio 4 “More or Less” look at grammar schools

The Radio 4 More or Less statistical analysis programme looked at the evidence on the effect of Grammar schools today. You can find the original programme at More or Less: Behind the Stats but we’ve trimmed the content down to only include the relevant part of the programme for you.

BBC World At One coverage of the Maidenhead Grammar issue

Today’s BBC Radio 4 World at One programme discussed Maidenhead’s potential new grammar school, interviewing Councillor Phillip Bicknell, Comprehensive Future campaigner Fiona Millar and Chair of the National Grammar School Association Robert McCartney QC.

Interestingly, Robert McCartney QC states very clearly that he believes that there is a strong case that the Weald of Kent grammar school annex breaches the rules on the creation of new Grammar schools. If he is right then this could make things very difficult for RBWM.

You can find the full version of the programme on iplayer (it will be available there for the next 29 days), but we’ve edited it down to just the section of the programme that covers this issue. You can listen to it by clicking the play button below.