Survey of Key Stage 2 Level 5 Children – what about everyone else?


We became aware today that RBWM have now decided to seek the views of parents whose children achieved level 5 and above at KS2 in 2014 and 2015 regarding why they chose not to send their children to a grammar school. The announcement of this came in a press release posted on their web site dated 21/03/2016.

We are disappointed that £220,000 of taxpayers money has already been earmarked for a satellite to Buckinghamshire’s Sir William Borlase Grammar School in Maidenhead and it is clear from this survey that RBWM do not have any clear evidence of demand.

We are also disappointed that the survey is only of those parents whose children achieved level 5 and therefore, by its nature, excludes the vast majority of school children in Maidenhead, much as the grammar school itself will.

It is also a hypothetical survey, asking a hypothetical question of parents who have already made the right choice for their children academically. As such, it is hard to know if it will have any statistical relevance.

However, it is imperative that ALL parents who received the survey complete and return it, stating clearly the reasons why you did not feel that a grammar school was right for your child. We think that parents who chose not to send their children to grammar school clearly felt their children’s educational needs were best met at a local comprehensive school – otherwise we are sure that you would have chosen to send your child to a grammar school at the time you made your preferences.

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