Press Release – June 5th 2017

Education campaign group issues plea to voters in RBWM

Maidenhead-based campaign group Excellent Education for Everyone is urging residents not to vote Conservative or for any other candidate or party in favour of selective education, in the forthcoming General Election.
The campaign group was specifically set up to oppose a grammar school coming into the Borough, supports the existing, highly successful comprehensive system, and will resist unproven claims for the success of selection.
The move follows a review of the education policies laid out in the manifestos of the main parties standing in the Maidenhead and Windsor constituencies.

The group advises voters that a return to selective education means:

“Grammar/selective schools reduce choice not increase it”

While plans are not yet firmed up, the number of children being selected range from 10%. – 25%. That means as few as 1 in 10 families will be able to access a grammar school. The remainder will lose the right to opt for a comprehensive school — as, despite claims to the contrary, our non-selective schools will become secondary moderns.
The only improvement in choice is for selective schools themselves, which choose — and reject — pupils via their entrance exams. Parents will find their choices more limited under this system.

“Our comprehensives will be downgraded”

Last year, RBWM’s comprehensives came 9th in the country for English and Maths GCSE performance. It’s no surprise then that more pupils cross the border from Buckinghamshire to attend schools in RBWM than leave to attend the Buckinghamshire’s grammar schools. Their families know that our comprehensives are better than their secondary moderns and this is backed up by statistical evidence.
Explaining the decision chairman Peter Prior said, “All the evidence is that selective education reduces over all academic performance and especially the chances for children from less advantaged backgrounds when compared to non-selective education. This has been confirmed by numerous studies. I call upon Theresa May to conduct an independent public enquiry under a Judge, to assess the benefits of selective education at 11 to children generally and especially to less advantaged families before a Conservative government, if elected, enacts its manifesto commitment to enable a return to selective state education. If she will not do this, I urge people not to vote for any party or candidate that would enable the return of selective education to Maidenhead and other constituencies.”



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Excellent Education for Everyone is a campaign group formed by residents of the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead to support and promote the borough’s comprehensive schools, and to oppose the introduction of a grammar school in the borough.

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