Press Release – 14th June 2018

The “Excellent Education for Everyone” campaign group, set up to oppose the introduction of a new grammar school into Maidenhead and to publicise the success of its existing comprehensive schools, has today spoken about the impact of school cuts and grammar school expansion on schools in the Prime Minister’s constituency.
Kendrick Grammar School in Reading and John Hampden Grammar School in Buckinghamshire have both started consulting on proposals to expand their intake with a view to applying for a share of £50 million earmarked by the Government.
The money has been set aside for grammar school expansion for schools who “have ambitious and realistic plans for increasing access for disadvantaged pupils’ in accordance with the DfE guidance. At present 4% of John Hampden’s pupils and 2.1% of Kendrick’s pupils are in receipt of pupil premium. The average figures of pupils in receipt of pupil premium in the two local authorities is between 30-40%.
At the same time, a local primary school in Maidenhead, St Edmund Campion, has emailed parents with an Amazon wish list, citing the reduced school funding and the potential impact of that on its teaching resources. The list contains consumable resources that the school continually requires including pens, pencils, stamps, envelopes, plasters and toilet roll. The toilet roll is marked as the highest priority on the list.

“In the same week that schools in two neighbouring authorities have announced plans to access the £50 million fund for expanding grammar schools, a primary school in the Prime Minister’s own constituency has been forced to create an Amazon wish list asking parents to buy basic essentials.

The government claims to want to make Britain a country that works for everyone, but seems intent on doing the exact opposite. Excellent Education for Everyone continues to campaign for all children to receive an excellent, fairly funded education, not just a select few.”


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